Fish Bones...

On 17 Aug 2013, there was a Sketchwalk at Katong! Around Joo Chiat Rd…I walked all the way from the Mrt…It was a loong walk and it was fricking hot! I was already sweating when i reached the meeting pt…I was late by 30 minutes but just nice the gang was dispersing to sketch.

Followed my kaki and we settled at Koon Seng Rd to sketch the shophouses…

Shophouses have so much fricking details!!!!I was sooo overwhelmed by the details and after 1&1/2 hrs…I was starting to get lazy…My laziness might have been induced by the heat too…super hot!melted in the heat 

couldn’t finish on site so i took my own sweet time at home to fill in the remaining details and to color it…I needa learn how to color sketches and not ruining/washing out the sketch itself…maybe light desaturated colors? needa experiment.XD

Now i look forward to sketchwalks. :D

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